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Blackjack Myths that Lose You Money (Part 1)

In blackjack, just like in any other game, there are certain myths propagated by many people – most especially the gamblers themselves – that do not only have no basis in fact, it may even result in you losing money! But despite this very negative effect many gamblers still believe them for bible truth. Do […]

When Stuck On Twelve

My most dreaded combination of cards in blackjack in a combination of 12 and, despite having read many times what I should do- stick (if the dealer has less than a 7) or hit (if he has 7 or above)- it never seems to work out. There is a book out there called The Gregorian […]

The Blackjack Tournament (part 2)

In a blackjack tournament, a player is usually eliminated when they have lost their original amount of money with which they have started their game. Players who have participated in a blackjack tournament are not allowed to replenish their losses with any additional money and after the initial amount of money has been lost then […]

“Bringing Down The House” by Ben Mezrich

I just finished reading “Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions”.  It is a nonfiction book about six MIT students and an ex-MIT professor who use a card counting system, acting skills, sometimes makeup, and teamwork to win, and on a few occasions lose, a lot of money – […]

The Blackjack Tournament (part 1)

Blackjack tournaments are one of the most exciting card game tournaments in existence along with the big online poker tournaments at sites like . With the almost exploding level of popularity of poker tournaments , some benefits are already rubbing off on other card games. For this reason blackjack tournaments are also following in […]

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