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Classic Blackjack Mistakes. Part 3

Perhaps the most controversial and common mistake players tend to make in blackjack is with “splitting aces”. Should you always split aces? The short answer, most players will tell you through their play is yes, you should. But that is patently untrue and will lead you to a losing strategy. For obvious reasons, when you […]

Classic Blackjack Mistakes. Part 2

Another huge mistake that players in blackjack tend to make is to let their psychology become affected by what other players do and the decisions that they make. For example, in an offline casino– while you are sitting pretty on 20, and a player is sitting to your left and does something pretty stupid, like […]

Classic Blackjack Mistakes. Part 1

There are some classic mistakes that many players make when playing blackjack, especially in the heat of the moment. It is a game primarily of discipline and not just strategy. If you can keep a cool head even while the adrenalin is pumping, you will be well on your way to becoming a decent player. […]

Blackjack Myths that Lose You Money (Part 2)

Here are some more myths about blackjack that you should be wary of:1. Taking insurance every time you have a blackjack The insurance could possibly be the stupidest bet in blackjack. If a person were to take insurance every time they get a blackjack then they would effectively be giving away 13 per cent of […]

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