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Blackjack For Charity

It warms my heart every time I hear about people who go out of their way to do good deeds to help the less fortunate. And even if people do not go out of their way, charity is always something that you see in a positive light. Now for those who only see blackjack, poker, […]

Clear Deal: Bye-bye Card Counters

Card counting is a controversial topic, isn’t it? While many people actually look up to great card counters (not everyone can perfect this, by the way) the casinos and gambling houses do not look nicely upon those who count cards at their blackjack tables. Indeed, some liken card counting to cheating. I would say that […]

Who Wants A MacBook?

I sure do!  And if you do as well, you should head on over to Bodog Casino, which is giving away FIVE Apple MacBooks.  The promo started yesterday, August 20, and will continue to run till the 1st of October.  More so, weekly bonuses of $100 for each of the 10 lucky players are going […]

Hot Action Blackjack At Pacheco’s California Grand Casino

There are countless variations of blackjack in existence today but have you heard of Hot Action Blackjack?  This is the special version of blackjack that is on offer at Pacheco’s California Grand Casino.  If you haven’t heard of this casino, it is about time that you did.  It has been around since the 1850s – […]

The MIT Blackjack Team (Continued)

So Bill Kaplan and J.P. Massar got together and realized what was hindering the blackjack team from succeeding in their endeavors at the tables. What happened next? Bill Kaplan, having observed the team in action, made a proposal – he would back the team and manage them as well. On the outset, members of the […]

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