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Elimination Blackjack

How would you like to play a blackjack variation that has some elements of no limit Texas Hold ‘em poker mixed into it?  I am sure that if you know anything of both games (blackjack and poker) then you would not hesitate to play this blackjack variation.  There is actually one such version that has […]

Blackjack At The Center Of Florida Gambling Issues

We’ve all heard of what is happening in Florida with respect to the casinos.  Last year in November, Governor Charlie Crist made a deal with the Seminole Indians allowing the latter to offer table games such as blackjack in their casinos.  These games are allowed in most other states but in Florida, they are not. […]

New Look For is considered to be one of the premiere sites for online blackjack players.  I am sure that you already have an account with them and have been enjoying their services for quite some time now.  If, however, you have not been visiting the site for a while, you will be in a for a […]

Types Of Hole Card Play Continued

So you’ve learned how to spot a dealer’s card by first basing and I hope that you have understood that it is something that you shouldn’t really do.  Here is another type of hole card play – again, something that is frowned upon.  It is called front-loading. Front-loading is somehow similar to first basing in […]

Types of Hole Card Play

In the previous post, we talked about hold card play – a term loosely used to encompass various types of plays whereby the blackjack player can determine the dealer’s hole card. Though particularly effective, this kind of play is controversial at the very least. In fact, there have been people who have been jailed because […]

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