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The Excitement of European Blackjack

I recently met someone who is into Europen blackjack like anything.  Of course I have heard of this variation of blackjack – who hasn’t?  But it wasn’t till that conversation that I realized just how exciting this game could be.  So what exactly is European blackjack? The goal of the game is not any different […]

The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

Is there such a thing?  Well, if we are to go by the title, then there is.  This book is titled “The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book” (yeah I know, where is the creativity?) and is written by Lance Humble, Ph.D. and Carl Cooper, Ph. D.  As it is written by two men with doctorates in […]

Blackjack At Aqueduct A Possibility

Ever heard of Aqueduct?  It’s actually called Aqueduct Racetrack and also popularly known as the Big A.  Obviously, it is a horse racetrack and it is located in Ozone Park in Queens.  There are current plans of placing video lottery terminals at Aqueduct, to the delight of many gamblers.  The plans are being expanded, though, […]

Blackjack In The Water

It’s not M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film, mind you.  I meant that title to be literal – as in you can play blackjack in water.  At least, with SkyMall’s offering of Swim Up Floating Card Table Game. Alright so let’s pretend that you are spending the afternoon under the hot sun basking by the pool.  […]

Casino To Visit: Lucky 18 Casino

Are you looking for some excitement with regard to blackjack?  Well look no more as I heard through the grapevine that there is something hot happening over at Lucky 18 Casino.  This is one of the online casinos that has gained popularity because of the nature of their offerings.  Here is the press release that […]

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