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Florida Has Blackjack Addiction Problem

It seems that people from this sunny state are getting more and more addicted to the game of blackjack. At least that’s what the reports are showing. About a year ago, the case was quite different. According to the Miami Herald, it was poker that was a “problem” back then. Now, blackjack has risen to […]

Casino Verite Blackjack Software

One of the biggest advantages of learning blackjack in this day and age is the fact that you have tons of resources available to you. There is no need to look far and wide for hints, tips, and trainers that can help you sharpen your blackjack skills until they are razor sharp. Indeed, all you […]

Reservation Blackjack

When I brought up this version of the game to some of my friends, I got funny looks. I guess many of them had not heard of Reservation Blackjack before. I even got a quip from one of them – “Isn’t all blackjack reservation blackjack? After all, you play them in Native American land, right?” […]

Apple iPod: Illegal Card Counter

Everyone I know wants an Apple iPod. The latest member of the big family, the iPod Touch is perhaps the most wanted version. Different people have different reasons for wanting one. For one, it is cool to have an iPod Touch. After all, image is everything to some. Another common reason is the convenience of […]

The Allure Of The Martingale

No, it’s not the bird that has the sweetest singing voice. Neither is it related to that bird. I am sure that if you tried to learn different systems in blackjack, you would recognize the Martingale. It is a betting system that used to be very popular in blackjack. Over time, however, it became clear […]

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