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Get 20GBP Free At Blue Square Blackjack

Fancy getting some free money and have fun playing blackjack at the same time? Then I suggest that you visit Blue Square Blackjack NOW to avail of their new promo for blackjack players. Betting Pro has the news: Blue Square has launched its multi-player blackjack tables – play today and get £20 free. Start playing […]

The Challenge Of Blackjack

Blackjack has always had a certain allure for me. Even as a child, I loved to play blackjack on Windows 95 (yeah that shows how old I am). While in the beginning, I did not really understand much except that I had to keep drawing and get as close as possible to 21, I soon […]

Cheap Video Blackjack At Motor City

How often do you play blackjack at live table games? How much are you normally willing to spend? I believe that these two factors play a large role in one’s blackjack playing habits. I distinctly recall talking to some friends who really like playing blackjack but are being held back by these two things. One, […]

New Blackjack Tournament At Four Winds

Are you up for a new and exciting blackjack tournament? Then you would be happy to know that Four Winds Casino Resort will be launching a new program, which is geared toward blackjack enthusiasts. The program includes a new blackjack tournament, which will run on a monthly basis. The prizes at stake include a brand […]

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