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Minimum Bets For Blackjack Not Such A Good Thing

Recently, the good news about casinos lowering the minimum bets for blackjack has been going around. When before, players had to lay out more money to play at the table, many casinos now offer $5 bets for the game. Naturally, a lot of blackjack players rejoiced at the news. But now that we are more […]

Take History To Heart

No this is not a history lesson. You all know what happened in World War I and World War II. This is a blackjack blog and we are going to talk about YOUR blackjack history. Are you wondering what I am talking about? Think about it. Every blackjack game you play, every hand you play, […]

Fort McDowell Casino Promo

Are you looking for a great promo related to blackjack? Who isn’t? Anyone who likes to play blackjack (or any other game for that matter) is always on the lookout for some great deals. Well if you are anywhere near Arizona, you might want to pay Fort McDowell Casino a visit. They are celebrating their […]

What Do You Need To Win? Skill Or Luck?

This is an old question. I suppose that hundreds of years ago, the same question has been asked many times over. It came to mind once again as I was reading a feature article by Alan Krigman. He wrote: What causes players to win at blackjack? An amalgam of luck and skill. Luck: getting a […]

Tip The Odds In Your Favor

Blackjack, just like many other table games, involves odds as much as skill. While there are people who would like to say that blackjack is all about skill, no one can really be objective and discount the fact that probability also comes into play. When playing blackjack, you need both skill and the ability to […]

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