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Blackjack Player Robbed of His $70,000 Winnings

What kind of creep would do this? Was it an inside job? Police are investigating. A 70 year old man from South Jersey won $10,000 playing blackjack in Atlantic City. As he was going back home on Sunday morning he was punched in the face and the winnings were robbed. According to a police report, […]

Know the Rules of the Blackjack Game; it’s Different at Most Casinos

At almost any casino you might walk into the blackjack will look about the same. But don’t be fooled. Each casino has its own set of blackjack rules.  Such as: How many decks they use. Can you double down after splits? Does the dealer stand or hit on soft 17?  Can you re-split a pair […]

Pennsylvania, Mired in a Budget Impasse, Considers Legalized Blackjack

I live and work in Pennsylvania, and I recently talked to two state legislators who said they were frustrated and disheartened by the 80 day impasse on the state budget. Not to bore you, but it looks like a state bill to legalize games like blackjack may be passed. Not that anyone in government gives […]

Playing the Elimination Game; A Cool Way to Play

Have you ever played Elimination Blackjack…or Tournament Blackjack? It’s pretty cool. Elimination Blackjack or Tournament Blackjack is one of the most exciting games around.  It is like a cross between a poker tournament and Blackjack all rolled up into one. Just like in regular Blackjack, you play each hand against the dealer. You do not […]

The “Smart” Way to Play? Blackjack Game Geared to Blackberrys

If you’re one of the millions of folks addicted to your Blackberry, and you love playing blackjack, developer Spin 3 has created just the program for you. The game is called Blackjack Spin 3, and it starts the player with 1,000 credits. The program is simple. Nothing new. Its game play is limited basically to […]

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