Tips, strategies and stories about black jack.

Blackjack Strategy: Number One — Whether an Old Pro or a Beginner, Never Forget the Basics (first in a series)

I’m not selling a book or preaching you a system. That’s all up to you. I mean, whether you believe in systems or not. But I do advise you to find something, before you play, and learn basic strategies. Because blackjack, like almost no other game, offers pretty good odds against the house. If you […]

What Recession? Blackjack Play Online Experiencing Great Growth

Blackjack has experienced great growth so far this year. Playing blackjack online has been one of the areas that has gone against the general trend in which the online casino industry has struggled with the ripple effect caused by the global economic downturn. Industry analysts have suggested many possible reasons as to why this is […]

Florida Officials Hoping to Put Together a Gambling Deal with Seminole Tribe

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has said that there is still hope that a gambling deal between the Seminole Tribe and the state, even though legislators have asked for the tribes to be shut down. Both sides have apparently reached an ‘impasse’ and legislators are reportedly asking the National Indian Gaming Commission to shut down the […]

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