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Happy New Year; Some Final Strategy Tips

Every year (almost) I have spent New Year’s eve at a casino playing  blackjack or poker. This year is no different. [Hello, Atlantic City.] I’ve spent the better of this past year blogging about tournaments and online sites… but I’d like to close the year by giving you a quick strategy summary. So that if […]

Internet Casino,, is Neat, Efficient, and Very Sexy Looking

I just found out about and when I typed in the URL I found a clean looking, pretty cool site. Welcome to the Party indeed. Let me tell you why, in my not so humble opinion. I probably look at and test drive 25 sites a week. The bigger, well-know casinos are efficient, totally […]

Blackjack Strategies, Part 2: Quick Tips to Memorize (from the Experts)

On Dec. 1, I talked about card counting. Today, for beginners in particular, I’d like to go over some widely accepted tips that just might increase your chances to win at blackjack. As always, I’ll begin by saying that I am NOT an expert card counter. But I do love the game and I do […]

Why Do I Love This Game? Because it’s Beatable (and Take That to the House)

I love this game. Why? Because I win. Sometimes. In other words, this game is beatable. And you can take that to the house. Since multiple hands of the game are dealt to players between shuffles, a smart player can use information about the cards that have already been dealt to predict something about the […]

Taking a Realistic Approach to Blackjack Card Counting: First in a Series

Those of you who follow this posting know that I love blackjack, both in land based casinos and online casinos  (confession: I also play online poker). What I want to do for you always, as a reporter, is to let you know what’s happening in the blackjack world, show you how to play, report on […]

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