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Check Out Cherry Red Casino’s Blackjack Bonuses

Unquestionably, one of my favorite sites for online blackjack is Cherry Red Casino. It runs real time gaming software and that’s very cool. Why? Because it gives players like me quick access to 7 different variations of blackjack. And I enjoy all of them. But I like the site for other reasons, like its blackjack […]

Strategy Sessions, Again: Ways to Win at Blackjack

I’ve gotten hundreds of emails saying how much they love it when I talk about strategies used by the pros, to win. So here, goes. Another one. [Note: They are all pretty much the same.] The principle of the method is that a card deck with tens and aces is likely to bust the dealer; […]

Tip Time: For the Beginner Blackjack Player, Some Suggestions from the Experts

I love blackjack and although I am NO card counter (I am learning, though), I talk to a lot of pros. Every once in a while I like to give out some of their advice to y’all, so here goes: The reason why Blackjack is the most popular card game all over the world is […]

An Outrage? Two Atlantic City Casinos Playing with 51 Card Decks

This is an outrage. Did you hear what happened in Atlantic City, where two casinos were fined after it was disclosed that their blackjack games were running on 51 card decks. Bally’s Atlantic City was fined $18,000 and the Showboat, $10,000. Both casinos are calling the situations accidents. At Bally’s, the dealer ignored a warning […]

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