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Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals,Transsexuals Like Blackjack Too; Welcome to MGM Resorts’ Fabulous Party Weekend

Well hell, why not? LGBTs should be able to do whatever we straights enjoy doing. Like gambling. I guess that’s the thinking behind MGM Resorts (in Vegas) Fabulous Party Weekend on Aug. 12. Since it is Las Vegas, after all, the Fabulous fun will begin with gambling. The men from Thunder from Down Under, Australia’s […]

Blackjack Cheater Faces Stiff Fines, Jail Time

From media sources in Harrisburg, Pa., we heard a story about a Harrisburg man who claimed he cheated at Hollywood Casino last week. Claudie Kenion, 41, said he cheated at the blackjack table. “Other people was cheating, I just followed suit to be honest,” Kenion told TV station 27.  “A lot of people were doing […]

A Cool Online Game is Born: Multi-Hand Video Blackjack

Just heard about this pretty awesome game that combines the best aspects of video poker and blackjack. Compay is InterCasino (check them out on the web if you don’t believe me), and the game is called “Multi-Hand Video Blackjack.” Here is how it works, as I understand it: a player may choose to play one, three or […]

The Art (and Strategy) of Blackjack Betting

It’s all about money management. I know. I know. It’s difficult to conceive when you’re at the table, having fun. Drinking. Card counting. [We hope] But using proper strategy is the absolute best blackjack money management tip you can know. If you’re playing blackjack online…find a strategy chart and use it while playing. Contrary to […]

Perfect Pairs: A Variation on Basic Blackjack, Might Be Worth Your While

I’m not a shill for online casinos (although I like quite a lot of them and I DO play), so I am not going to mention where you can play Perfect Pairs. Google the words and you’ll find it. Meanwhile, it’s certainly an interesting way to play and bet. You place a bet in the […]

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