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Can $1, $2 Tables Help Build Traffic (and Save) Atlantic City Casinos? Duh. What do You Think?

With just two $1 blackjack tables, the Trump Marina is experiencing popularity it hasn’t seen in years. Let me backtrack a little. Last time I was in Vegas (where a good friend who works at the Las Vegas Sun newspaper works, takes me around to casinos that out of staters never go to)…I enjoyed some […]

Blackjack Ballroom Online, if You’re Outside the U.S.A., Check This Site Out; It’s Pretty Cool.

WARNING: You can’t play this or bet within the U.S. ONline gambling is still not permitted. OK? But if you are outside the U.S., you can play. Check local laws. You all know how much I hate to hype a site, even if I like it. I figure it should be up to YOU. And […]

A Lesson in Strategy; When to Split 9s Could Help You Win

When should you split 9s? I’ve asked some experts and their answer is simple: Split them against the dealer when the dealer shows a 2-6,8,9. Otherwise, stand. Why you do this is mathematically based. For two 9s, when the dealer’s upcard is two through six, or eight, 18 is moderately strong. Standing in these situations […]

American Robin Hood Gives Blackjack Winnings to the Poor

This is a story that is gaining legs. I first heard about it from a friend who does a lot of online gambling in general, poker and blackjack in particular. Here’s what we are hearing: an American gambler is becoming a self-proclaimed 21st-century Robin Hood; you know, the guy who stole from the rich and […]

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