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Blackjack Tables: Looking for Lower Buy-In Games? Try Off the Strip…

I once went to Vegas, not to gamble (although I did) but to meet up with some friends who worked at the Las Vegas Sun…and to cover a lottery event put on by Powerball. Remember when Powerball had a TV show? It was taped in Vegas and I used to cover it for a number […]

Blackjack Survivor Tournaments All the Rage on Jackpot City Online Casino

I’ve been getting into blackjack survivor tournaments…have done OK… but I’m not sure that many people know what the heck it is. Problem solved. I am here to help. Remember, I am no expert. Rather I go to experts and have them explain things to me. Then, I report on what they say. Now, to […]

Microgaming Adding Innovative Features in its Popular Blackjack Tournament Schedule… So Check it Out

I’m always on the lookout for innovative elements added to blackjack tournaments. That’s why I always check out what Microgaming is doing. In addition to launching some large guaranteed prize pool slots tournaments at its online casinos, the company  has introduced tournaments with innovative features in its popular Slot and Blackjack Tournament schedule. These innovative, […]

International Blackjack League Worth a Look

I came across this news (more like a self promoting press release, if they were honest) online this morning. By now you know how much I hate just REPEATING self serving press releases. Because no matter how they frame it, they are in it for the money. That said, aren’t we all? This time, the […]

For Beginners, Step 1 in Learning a “Counting System” Can Help You Win

If you are a casual player, like I am, you want to know some basic counting systems to help you when you’re at a table. I’m no mathematical genius (you know that by now, right?), and my memory sucks, so I’m always looking to get some kind of edge when I play. Cos I love […]

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