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New Jersey A Few Steps Away from Legalizing Online Gambling (i.e. Blackjack)

Now this is damned interesting. Remember…online gambling has been outlawed in the U.S. forever…although there is a push to legalize it. But maybe New Jersey, cash starved New Jersey is leading the way…to legalization. New Jersey residents and visitors will be able to enjoy more blackjack than ever before with two new laws permitting more […]

Blackjack on the High Seas: U.S. Casino Boat Taking Players into International Waters

I lived in Florida, so this is nothing new, but it is kind of interesting. A new boat is all set for casino game players and will be moving into international waters, where casino gambling is allowed. On November 26, the day after Thanksgiving (sometimes known as Black Friday), a new casino boat christened Jacks […]

Spin3 Develops Play-For Real Blackjack App for Mac Products (iPads included). Yeah!

OK, by now you know that I am no shill for anyone and I HATE running press releases. But sometimes when I am sent them I find out things I didn’t know before. With that in mind… here is something kind of interesting that you might want to know about. Spin3, provider of mobile gaming […]

Basic Blackjack Strategy: Practice Makes Perfect (and Keeps You Alive at a Table)

I’ve been asked to talk about basic strategies this week, but I have to make one thing clear: I am not an expert. I talk to experts. I find out how they play and win. I ask them for tips. I am a player, but I ain’t no expert. What I am hopefully doing here […]

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