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Want to Play Live Online: Give 888 Casino a Shot (Nice Promotion Going, Too, to Sweeten the Pot)

Like I ever need an excuse to play blackjack online or in person. But the website 888 Casino, a pretty cool site, is sweetening a deal that will draw folks like me to their online tables. They’re running a Live Casino Blackjack promotion that gives players a chance  of winning up to £500 of bonus cash

To All Our Loyal Viewers Around the World…

We wish you and your family a very, merry Christmas. And may you draw many 21s over the next year…

Mobile Players Say, it’s All About Phones Now: Leading the Way, Apple’s IPhone and Google Android

My son is a gamer, through and through. Plays all night, sleeps, eats, then goes back to playing. Drives me nuts, but that’s his thing, just like writing and posting and tweeting and media is my thing. He used to live on his computer and to some extent he still does. But now it’s starting […]

Secret to Long Life: Hell, A 105 Year-Old Woman Says, “Just Play Blackjack”

I love this story. It’s about 105 year old Annie Asaro, of Califorina, who is an avid blackjack player. In fact, she maintains that playing the game has helped her live longer.

College Professor Teaches Blackjack (How Cool is That?)

Man, I wish I had attended a college that had a cool professor like this. Guys name is Mark Bollman and he teaches at Albion College in Michigan. Among other things he offers a course teaching students both blackjack and “the niche of probability and statistics for the educated citizen.” Well, OK. For months, enrollees […]

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