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A follow Up: Blackjack Legalized in Montana? It Could Happen. Or Not. Go Figure. [They Need the Money]

I told you last time I’d be keeping an eye on this situation…so… Well, how about that? Blackjack legalization could be coming to the high country…Montana…soon because, why else, the government needs the money. Ain’t that always the case? Way I hear it, two gambling expansion bills have been proposed this session, one in the […]

Video Blackjack Could Come to Montana, if Legislators Pass Proposed Law

Well, yeah, here we go again. Laws never thought possible to pass in states like Montana, now have a chance and for one reason only: budget shortfalls. But for folks like me, who love to video gamble (but not more than I can afford)… this is potentially good news. I have friends who live in […]

Chilean Miners Play Blackjack Too

I think this is so cool I had to write about it. 13 of the 39 Chilean miners who were stuck in an underground mine between August and October 2010 have participated in a fundraiser to raise money for American miners at a Florida casino. The operation to rescue the Chilean miners was a major […]

Hot Babe Nabbed Trying to Scam Blackjack Card Dealers

Not only was Van Thu Tran the hottest, prettiest face among 44 cheaters in the Tran Organization arrested within the United States and Canada recently, she was also one of the founders. What did she do? Coax or corrupt male blackjack card game dealers at casinos selected by the organization. The Tran organization was a family […]

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