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Live Online Dealers All the Trend

With the crackdown in the U.S. on online gambling sites, I just need to warn everyone that you should do your gambling offshore and not in the U.S. I don’t want anyone who regularly reads this posting to get in trouble That said, Bet365 Casino is one of the most interesting online gambling  sites. They’ve […]

Didja Ever Hear of Blackjack Switch? It’s Pretty Cool. But Let the Players Beware….

People love it. Blackjack switch. Nationwide, statistics support these words. Blackjack Switch ranks as one of the most popular table games in recent history, having doubled its worldwide implementation base to 120 from 60 over the past six months. The game grew out of players’ frustration over receiving 14s, 15s and 16s, and not having […]

Where in China is Blackjack Master Player Ai WeiWei?

Vinnie, He’s an artist, activist and master blackjack player. Ai WeiWei has disappeared somewhere in China. From 1981 till 1993, Mr. Ai WeiWei lived mostly in New York,

Doing a “Double Take”: Online Casino Offering TONS of New Bonuses

I love playing blackjack. Whether at a real casino or online, don’t much matter to me. But I must say, I like all the incentives I’ve been seeing lately to get players online. So here is one more I heard about, that you might want to check out. It ‘s through 888 Casino, where (I […]

And Now For Something Completely Weird: The Ukraine Cracking Down on Blackjack Players

This is so weird I have to tell you about it. Seems like the Ukraine’s Parliament, The Verkhovna Rada, officially proposed to restrict the rights of gamblers whom the government deems as being addicted. Hmmm. This means both online players and land based casino aficionados such as blackjack game players whom the government classifies as being […]

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