Tips, strategies and stories about black jack.

Blackjack Taking the Blame for Ending J-Los and Marc Athony’s Marriage; Do You Believe it, or Not?

Well, no question, Marc Anthony, he of the Anthony – Jennifer Lopez union… loved to play blackjack and poker online. l And perhaps not enough time playing with his passionate wife in the bedroom. Could that have contributed to their breakujp? Really? Instead of spending the nights of passion fulfilling JLo’s insatiable yearnings, the latin […]

Goldfish Bowl review

In Goldfish Bowl you are given a fishing rod and the task of reeling in a list of valuable objects. There will be also lesser valued objects that need to be avoided otherwise you will run out of time to reach your points target. The hook on your rod will swing back and forth and […]

KNOCK OUT Card Counting…Easier on the Beginner?

A friend of mine who spends a lot of his free time in Atlantic City said recently that he was learning a card counting system called KO, or Knock Out. He wanted to know more. OK then. Here is more. Most card counters… beginners I mean, probably start with balanced card counting systems such as the […]

Blackjack cluster counting

The best way to be successful in the classic game of blackjack is doing your best to count the cards to give the best opportunity of predicting which cards will be dealt next. This is the best way to try and reduce the edge the house has over you, whether you are playing at a […]

Strategy for blackjack

Minimising the house edge is the all-important challenge to overcome if you want to be successful at any casino game, whether you’re stood at the tables or playing in the comfort of your own home online. This also applies to the classic casino game of blackjack, where you must first of all grasp a real […]

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