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The odds in blackjack

Every single successful gambler knows that the world of the casino, poker and online gambling sites, despite their differences, are also governed by one single thing – the odds. The smart gambler will know that in the vast majority of the cases as well as in the vast majority of games the odds actually lie […]

Strategy in Poker is Akin to Blackjack

I was having a discussion on a poker forum the other day regarding the toughening of online poker sites and the average player calibre on them at all levels. While it is true that both cash games and tournaments have become tougher, they have only toughened up to a point. For example I think that […]

Want to make money online?……Get a system!

As an a professional online poker player of 12 years and counting and as someone that has worked with some of the biggest card rooms in online poker then I feel that I am in the best position to coach players in what is really required to succeed making money in NLHE full ring cash […]

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