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So you think you understand blackjack

There are a number of things that should always be at the top of your mind when you are playing blackjack. Seasoned blackjack players already know these things by heart and, thus, react instinctively without really thinking about it. For beginner players, these are some things that should always be remembered:The house edge – Whatever […]

The mechanics of a blackjack hand

In blackjack at online casinos, a player’s goal is to get as many blackjacks or at as many good hands as possible. Playing the game is not really all about seeing the other players lose. What’s important is that you win as much as you can, don’t pay too much attention on the others. Experts […]

Further blackjack basics explained

When it has been established that the blackjack dealer does not have s blackjack in his hand then the players many now play their respective hands.The following options can be used by the players in this case: Stand – A player can Stand if the player is satisfied with the hand that he has. As […]

Hacking Software: Myth or Reality?

On the web, you may come across the following advertisements: “We offer you hacking software”, or “Only our software can find a soft spot in any slot game”. Our advice is not to buy in such advertisements. Such software is completely useless and won’t help you at all. Of course, if you played some simple […]

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