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Taking your poker game to the next level

Do you want to know why the best players are the best at online no limit Texas hold’em? Is it because they bluff better or because they simply make fancy plays? Well no it isn’t actually and the reason is because they understand the basics and then follow them without question. So position isn’t just […]

Getting to know the game

Below are a few more play options that are available to a blackjack player:Split – If the first two cards of a player have an equal point value then he can split them into two hands. When this happens, each card is the first card of a new hand. The player must also make another […]

What Underpins a Winning Strategy

If you ever wondered just how card counters make money like with the movie “21” for example with Kevin Spacey then the strategy that underpins card counting is called “basic strategy”. As an ex-full time blackjack player then I can tell you now that card counting without basic strategy is very unlikely to work. This […]

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