Tips, strategies and stories about black jack.

Simply make fewer mistakes than your opponents

There are many different ways to make money playing online poker but in all forms of poker then you are attempting to perform one very important act and that is to make fewer mistakes than your opponents. To make fewer mistakes than your opponents is your ultimate goal but your ultimate goal isn’t to play […]

The concept of implied odds

Most players who study no limit hold’em understand how implied odds and not pot odds are the biggest factor in this form of poker unlike limit hold’em. However there is a class of player in no limit ring games who place too much emphasis on implied odds. These days with the average skill level of […]

How to gain an edge at roulette

As an ex-croupier for nine years then I am often asked if roulette can be beaten either live or online on sites. The answer is “yes” and “no” but that “no” is a resounding no if you attempt to beat the game with systems. That has been proven not to work by some of the […]

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