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Using Game Theory to Connect Game Strategy

In life then you tend to find various fields that have a strong overlap with each other. If you can learn to think in principles then you will really start to understand certain things more. For example in trading then any experienced day trader will tell you that how you enter a trade isn’t as […]

Online Blackjack Tips

As an ex-card counter then blackjack was my first avenue into the road of professional gambling. In fact anyone who knows my history also knows that this was my passion and love long before I turned pro at online poker in 2002. Many people have asked me down the years why I placed so much […]

Taking on the big boys

No limit hold’em cash games are not just about playing deep stacks. It is true that playing deep stack play is much more difficult and this is why many players struggle to do well in no limit hold’em. However if you are a novice poker player then playing a minimum stack may just be your […]

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