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Taking Your Game to the Next Level

Playing poker for a living is tough; in fact even if you don’t play for a living and only as a part-living like I do then it’s still tough. It isn’t that the stakes that I play at are tough; it is the constant grinding that is tough. For example this is why I don’t […]

Looking at Fold Equity in Poker

Years ago then we had a completely different game dynamic in most poker games and especially online poker. For example games were much more passive and more players were seeing the flop, turn, river and showdown. Also the average stack size was deeper, players were weaker and pot odds and implied odds were the big […]

Finding a Good Poker Plan

Some years ago I was a very keen chess player and reached master strength. When I took to playing blackjack and then online poker between 1998 and 2000 then chess fell by the wayside. However the lessons are still there and the work and study that I did on chess at that time has actually […]

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