Tips, strategies and stories about black jack.

Are You Bluffing or Value Betting

Your primary strategy for placing money into the pot is to either bet or raise for value or to bluff. These two reasons predominate throughout poker and is the first and probably the biggest leak that players need to fix at the lower levels. However our money at certain levels of play has to come […]

Tougher than it Looks

Because no limit Texas hold’em is a two card game then it appears deceptively simple to the novice poker player. Only two cards are dealt to each player and there is a three card communal flop that is used by all. There then follows a communal turn and river card assuming of course that the […]

Playing Better Online Poker

In years gone by then making money in most poker environments was easy. All you had to do was study a few decent theory books and suddenly you were better than the rest of the competition by miles. This in itself was enough to gain a huge edge because there were so few poker books […]

Advanced Blackjack Play

For any professional gambler or casino player then variance will come at the very top of the list when it comes to factors that will prevent you from making money. So just what exactly do I mean when I say “variance”? Well it is the run of extreme good or bad luck that will have […]

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