Tips, strategies and stories about black jack.

Advanced Blackjack Play

For any professional gambler or casino player then variance will come at the very top of the list when it comes to factors that will prevent you from making money. So just what exactly do I mean when I say “variance”? Well it is the run of extreme good or bad luck that will have […]

So you want to play blackjack?

The world that surrounds blackjack is definitely a very exciting one. And it is also very lucrative world if you know how to take advantage of it just like playing online poker at sites. In fact, there is always a number of players that are able to always beat the blackjack odds and even win […]

Popular blackjack misconceptions

Most blackjack players are told that card counting is the “secret weapon” and that you can do anything short of resurrect the dead as long as you master this trick.Card counting helps, but there are some things that it can’t do. It’s best to correct these misconceptions now than have you march into a game […]

Playing blackjack inside a live casino

In live casino play then card counting is one of the ways in which skilled blackjack players can get an edge over the casino. Most people who are knowledgeable about the game are aware of how the count goes from positive to negative and indicates when the player and the dealer have an edge. Because […]

Using Game Theory to Connect Game Strategy

In life then you tend to find various fields that have a strong overlap with each other. If you can learn to think in principles then you will really start to understand certain things more. For example in trading then any experienced day trader will tell you that how you enter a trade isn’t as […]

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