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Using Game Theory to Connect Game Strategy

In life then you tend to find various fields that have a strong overlap with each other. If you can learn to think in principles then you will really start to understand certain things more. For example in trading then any experienced day trader will tell you that how you enter a trade isn’t as […]

Taking your poker game to the next level

Do you want to know why the best players are the best at online no limit Texas hold’em? Is it because they bluff better or because they simply make fancy plays? Well no it isn’t actually and the reason is because they understand the basics and then follow them without question. So position isn’t just […]

Picking your spots in blackjack

Many beginner blackjack players probably do not know this but choosing a blackjack table to play in is also an important factor to consider. Choosing the right table for you to play in will likely increase your chances of winning. Before you play the game  try to study the available tables in a casino. For players […]

Want to make money online?……Get a system!

As an a professional online poker player of 12 years and counting and as someone that has worked with some of the biggest card rooms in online poker then I feel that I am in the best position to coach players in what is really required to succeed making money in NLHE full ring cash […]

For Players at All Levels, Here’s a Great Site to Practice Your Moves

I want to turn you on to a very cool and simple web site for beginning players. It’s Great way to practice whether you should…obviously, hit or stand with every hand you are dealt vs. a dealer. You can play at different levels. A pop up window explains why you might have made a […]

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