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Blackjack cluster counting

The best way to be successful in the classic game of blackjack is doing your best to count the cards to give the best opportunity of predicting which cards will be dealt next. This is the best way to try and reduce the edge the house has over you, whether you are playing at a […]

Strategy for blackjack

Minimising the house edge is the all-important challenge to overcome if you want to be successful at any casino game, whether you’re stood at the tables or playing in the comfort of your own home online. This also applies to the classic casino game of blackjack, where you must first of all grasp a real […]

Basic Blackjack Strategy: Practice Makes Perfect (and Keeps You Alive at a Table)

I’ve been asked to talk about basic strategies this week, but I have to make one thing clear: I am not an expert. I talk to experts. I find out how they play and win. I ask them for tips. I am a player, but I ain’t no expert. What I am hopefully doing here […]

Tip Time: For the Beginner Blackjack Player, Some Suggestions from the Experts

I love blackjack and although I am NO card counter (I am learning, though), I talk to a lot of pros. Every once in a while I like to give out some of their advice to y’all, so here goes: The reason why Blackjack is the most popular card game all over the world is […]

Casino Verite Blackjack Software

One of the biggest advantages of learning blackjack in this day and age is the fact that you have tons of resources available to you. There is no need to look far and wide for hints, tips, and trainers that can help you sharpen your blackjack skills until they are razor sharp. Indeed, all you […]

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