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Blackjack Taking the Blame for Ending J-Los and Marc Athony’s Marriage; Do You Believe it, or Not?

Well, no question, Marc Anthony, he of the Anthony – Jennifer Lopez union… loved to play blackjack and poker online. l And perhaps not enough time playing with his passionate wife in the bedroom. Could that have contributed to their breakujp? Really? Instead of spending the nights of passion fulfilling JLo’s insatiable yearnings, the latin […]

Blackjack Player Calls Himself “Robin Hood”: Takes from the Rich (Casinos), Gives to the Poor (Needy People)

  Melissa Davey, a reporter in Austalia wrote a captivating piece on a blackjack player named … Robin Hood. Where is he from? Sherwood Forest, of course. What does he do? Takes from the rich (casinos) and gives to the poor (needy…and himself, we presume). He’s also an American. He plays blackjack under the pseudonym Robin […]

Online Gambling in DC Run By the Lottery: Demo Games Now, Real Later. Games Will Include Blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em

First, you must know this about me: I worked for the DC Lottery (and others) for more than 10 years. I was not an executive. My job was to talk to winners and then write about them. Nothing more. So I learned with interest about DC Lottery’s plan to launch gambling over the Internet through “demonstration […]

Blackjack Dealer Who Was Engaged in Sexual Online Conversations with U.S. Congressman Weiner, Returns to Work Online

She’s back at work, after a horendous week. Lisa Weiss, the Las Vegas blackjack dealer who engaged in steamy online conversations with U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, is back on the Internet today. On her twitter account, she said,”wow! u sure find out who your real friends are when you ae having a personal meltdown.” Weiss […]

Blackjack Winner Takes in $15 MIllion. Is He “Just” Lucky or a Good Card Counter? Or Both.

There’s lucky, very lucky, and then there’s the story of Don Johnson, who, between December and April of this ear, playing single blackjack hands of up to $100,000, reportedly walked away from Atlantic City’s tables with  $15 million. News reports say that from the Tropicana he took $6 million. From the Borgata, $5 million. Caesar’s, […]

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