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Did You Know? The Origins of Blackjack are in France

This space is normally reserved for blackjack news about strategies, tournaments and players, but I thought this week it might be fun to delve into the origins of …MY favorite casino game (OK, next to craps and poker). The game has its roots in France and is believed to have originated from the popular French […]

Blackjack is a Game With an Ancient Past, and Ain’t That Way Cool?

Everyone knows that blackjack has a storied history. The game first was played during 17th century in France under the reign of Louis XIV or Louis the Great. But then, it was called Vingt En Un, which means ‘twenty-one’ and it was played primarily by wealthy Frenchmen

The Martingale System

If you search the internet for the term “betting systems” you may be surprised that you will have around 1,000,000 results returned to you. By far the most popular betting system used for Jackpot Party casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette is the Martingale system. In fact doubling up systems like this can be […]

Blackjack Cheater Faces Stiff Fines, Jail Time

From media sources in Harrisburg, Pa., we heard a story about a Harrisburg man who claimed he cheated at Hollywood Casino last week. Claudie Kenion, 41, said he cheated at the blackjack table. “Other people was cheating, I just followed suit to be honest,” Kenion told TV station 27.  “A lot of people were doing […]

Can a Casino Ban You Because You are Successfully Card Counting? Court Case vs. Casino in Indiana Supreme Court Could Have Dire Consequences for Players

This is a damned interesting case. A blackjack player who was banned from Grand Victoria Casino, in Indiana, in 2006, has sued the casino (yeah)  claiming unfair treatment….just because he is a card counter. The case is now before the state’s supreme court. Guys name is Tom Donovan is a retired computer programmer who learned to […]

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