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So You’re About to Enter Your First Blackjack Tournament? Best You Know the Lingo Spoken at the Table

My good friend Howard likes to think he’s mastered all there is the know (at an amateur level) about blackjack. He’s memorized the charts (like I have, incidentally). Knows the odds. And is a somewhat successful card counter. When I accompany him to Vegas, he generally wins playing blackjack, although never huge amounts. So he […]

Blackjack Tournament This Weekend Offered Up by Web Site (But Don’t Play from the U.S., to be Safe)

We all know about black Friday, when the US feds practically wiped out four major online casinos operating in country. But IF YOU ARE OFFSHORE, or are reading this from outside the U.S., let me point you to Bet365 Casino this coming July Fourth weekend, when organizers are staging a blackjack bonanza event (their words)> […]

Free Entry Blackjack Tournaments This Month, Courtesy of New Launch by Sportingbet Online Casino: Paradise Casino

Never one to bypass a free tournament entry? Let’s give a shout out to Sportingbet online casino, which is offering a free entry to blackjack tournaments every Friday this month (only a few Fridays left though…in March). Under the promo, which will be facilitated through Sportingbet’s Paradise Casino, you will receive $5,000 in chips

Blackjack Pro on Exhibit at the International Gaming EXpo in London Today Through Jan. 27

I’ve always like PokerTek products, so when the company  announced it will exhibit its Blackjack Pro and PokerPro systems at the International Gaming Expo at Earls Court in London, United Kingdom today, January 26-27, I was interested. And thought you might be too. According to a company release (I HATE press releases), the Company will be […]

Blackjack Survivor Tournaments All the Rage on Jackpot City Online Casino

I’ve been getting into blackjack survivor tournaments…have done OK… but I’m not sure that many people know what the heck it is. Problem solved. I am here to help. Remember, I am no expert. Rather I go to experts and have them explain things to me. Then, I report on what they say. Now, to […]

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