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A Cool Online Game is Born: Multi-Hand Video Blackjack

Just heard about this pretty awesome game that combines the best aspects of video poker and blackjack. Compay is InterCasino (check them out on the web if you don’t believe me), and the game is called “Multi-Hand Video Blackjack.” Here is how it works, as I understand it: a player may choose to play one, three or […]

Blackjack On iGoogle

All those who love Google, raise your hand! I am willing to be a considerable sum that a whole lot of you quickly raised their hands without a second thought. Now I know that there will be some who would scoff at the mere mention of Google, but come on now, how would your average […]

What Are Your Blackjack Secrets?

With most activities we engage in – whether it’s for business or for pleasure – we think that those who are successful have a little book of secrets that have gotten them to where they are. In blackjack, I have heard the same sentiments expressed by many people. They would wonder what that blackjack champion […]

Table Master And Speed Of Play

I have met some people who play video blackjack a lot. Some of them actually LIKE playing blackjack using the machine while some do not have much of a choice. As you know, some areas do not allow “real” table games but allow the video-type games. Anyhow, I ran across a Q & A type […]

Say NO To 6:5 Blackjack

I will not go ahead and assume that you know what 6:5 blackjack is all about, so I will first explain its basics to you.  Quite obviously, this is a version or a variation of the original game of blackjack.  What is the idea behind this variation? To understand it fully, you have to understand […]

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